Thursday, January 29, 2009

Old 3D

Only a few here.

The fat hill giant is back! (Is it possible to have a post WITHOUT big fat monsters?? We shall see...)

The opposite of big fat monsters. Little cute girl.

More cartoony style drill sarge.

Old Sculptures

Same big fat troll dude in sculpture form!

And the old man-woman-shaman too!

A portrait of a historical figure named Raphael Lemkin

Some strange sea creature type thing?

A quick 'sketch' of Anton Ego from Ratatouille

And that's it for my old sculptures.

Old Paintings

A Shark-Bear. Because sharks are cool, and so are bears.
So you have to figure that together they are just that much more awesome!...and live in the mountains eating goats apparently...

Big fat hill giant.

Big fat troll type see the pattern no? I like big fat monsters.

Water spirit from Russian folk-lore called a Rusalky. Tempts dudes to the waters edge then drowns them, the usual water spirit type thing.

A random old shaman person...guy...girl? You decide!

A redesign of the car soldiers from Alice in Wonderland. I've always thought they could have done more with those designs. Perhaps one day I will do all 52.

That's all for now folks!