Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTF? Something that's not an old monster???

I figured I'd put this up just to prove to myself that I actually did draw something that WASN'T old, ugly, scary, fat ...etc.

It was for a t-shirt for my nephew's school or something...but hey, easy moneys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

School mascot redesign

My school has wisely chosen to redesign their mascot which they have finally realized is not exactly fierce enough.

This is Ollie the Owl, the current mascot...um...yeah....(The sports teams are known as the Judges, thus the gavel)

This, is my design in place of Ollie - his big brother I am calling Onyx for the time being.

At this point I am only designing the mascot to be used on the uniforms of the schools archery club during competitions - But I am hoping the coach will be able to pass it up to the head of athletics to possibly be adopted as the mascot for all sports....who knows.

Here is my design for the archery club.

I will post more when I have the final design.